A swimmer was attacked by a great white shark off of Manhattan Beach in southern California on Saturday and some incredible video of the incident was shown this morning on Fox and Friends.

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The shark had been hooked by a long-distance fisherman when a group of swimmers, including Steven Robles, passed right by, not knowing there was a shark in the area.

Robles was attacked and bitten by the seven-foot great white, but was able to escape. He recounted the horrifying ordeal this morning with Steve Doocy and Anna Kooiman, saying when the shark came at him he "thought that was it."

"All of a sudden I'm staring eye to eye with this great white shark with his teeth right on the side of my chest. And just out of a natural reflex I grabbed its nose with my hand and tried to push it off of me and fortunately the shark let loose and swam away," he said.

Some of his fellow swimmers and other surfers helped carry Robles to shore, where he was rushed to the hospital.

After the attack, the attention quickly turned to the actions of the fisherman who had hooked the shark.

Robles called the fisherman's actions "very irresponsible," saying the shark had been hooked for 40 minutes from the pier. He said the fisherman should have cut the shark loose when he realized it was a great white, in accordance with local regulations.

"He's out there with his buddies laughing at me while I'm about to lose my life. What is he thinking? They're out there joking and thinking this is funny? This guy is sick!" said Robles, adding that the video is even worse in its entirety.

Robles suffered serious cuts and bite wounds, but amazingly his injuries were not life threatening. He said he expects to make a full recovery and be able to swim again.

Watch the footage and Robles' first live TV interview above.

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