President Obama is headed to Texas today, but not for the reason many congressional Republicans were hoping for. The president is making a fundraising stop in Dallas and Austin, but will not be visiting the southern border.

The latest number shows that 240K undocumented immigrants have entered the United States since April.

Special Report anchor Bret Baier offered some political insight on this morning’s Fox and Friends.

“No matter how they use the politics here, and clearly the administration sees an opening to hammer Republicans on immigration reform with this crisis, it is still a crisis,” Baier said.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press” over the weekend, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was unable to provide answers on whether the estimated 50K Central American children who recently entered the U.S. illegally will be deported or allowed to stay. reported:

Johnson said everybody who crossed the border faces a “pending” deportation proceeding but also repeated recent administration talking points about looking at ways to “create additional options.”

“There’s deportation proceeding pending against everybody coming illegally across the border,” he said, while also repeating the administration’s argument about dealing with a 2008 law that gives some protection to illegal immigrants from non-bordering countries.

Johnson also dismissed questions about not having enough resources at the border and expressed optimism the U.S. will stop the flow of illegals into the country, estimated in the hundreds of thousands since spring.

“Our border is not open for illegal immigration,” he told NBC. “And we will stem the tide.”

He also suggested that America’s first obligation is to the incoming children, over sovereignty.

“We have to do right by the children,” Johnson said.

Baier noted that the local communities cannot handle the influx of immigrants crossing the border.

“You had efforts to go to these countries in Central America and say stop exporting these folks to the U.S., but obviously that hasn’t worked,” Baier said.

He added that even if the administration blames the GOP for not passing immigration reform, it still has to be dealt with. “It is a real crisis, one that I think is going to continue to boil up throughout the summer.”

Earlier in the show, Donald Trump sounded off on the immigration crisis and President Obama failing to visit the border on his trip to Texas. Watch his remarks below.