There are more details emerging from the case of a Georgia dad who has been charged with murder after leaving his son in a hot car.

Justin Ross Harris appeared in court last week where Cobb County Detective Phil Stoddard testified that the father was sexting six females, including a minor, and sent nude photos on the day his son Cooper died. Harris claims that he forgot to drop the 22-month-old off at day care before going to work.

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Surveillance video shows Harris returned to his car during the day and dropped off light bulbs while his son sat in the backseat. Investigators are hoping to find out if Harris needed to purchase the light bulbs, or if it was an excuse to go to his car.

Fox News reporter Jonathan Serrie said police are hoping to search through data on the father’s iPhone, external hard drives and more to shed light on his finances, web searches and marriage. The warrants also seek information on a life insurance policy taken out on the toddler.

Attention is now turning to the wife and mother, Leanna Harris. The parents had told investigators that they researched hot car deaths online because they were afraid it could happen.

According to detectives, when day care workers told Leanna that her son hadn’t shown up, her first reaction was that her husband must have left him in the car.

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Investigators revealed that while Harris was being questioned in the interrogation room, Leanna asked him, "Did you say too much?"

During Cooper's funeral, Leanna said she wouldn’t bring her son back if she could and that she didn't blame her husband for his death.

“[Cooper] won’t have to suffer through the death of his [grandparents]. He won’t have to suffer through the death of me and Ross,” she said in the eulogy.

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Shepard Smith spoke to criminal defense attorney Esther Panitch for more on this case. Watch the clip above.

Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl appeared on The Real Story to discuss the report that the Harris’ changed the toddler’s seat weeks before his death to one that’s meant for infants. Wiehl noted that in this type of case, Leanna does not have spousal privilege. Hear her analysis below.