Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch was on “Huckabee” last night to discuss Iraq, the death of one of her rescuers, and her involvement in a new faith-based film.

Lynch was captured in Iraq during a raid on March 23, 2003, and she was held for nine days until a Special Forces team rescued her. She was the first American prisoner of war to be successfully rescued since World War II.

Among those who rescued her was Command Sgt. Maj. Martin Barreras, who died in May after being shot in an attack in Afghanistan.

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Lynch called Barreras’ death heartbreaking.

“I thank him everyday for his service, of coming in, risking his life, coming to get me,” she said.

Lynch also discussed the Iraq crisis. She said it’s "devastating" and that she hopes that troops don’t have to return to Iraq.

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The former prisoner of war, who underwent many surgeries after Iraq, suffered nerve damage and has no feeling in her left leg.

“It’s a constant reminder everyday of what I went through over there,” she said.

Now, Lynch is part of “Virtuous,” a faith-based Christian film about obstacles that women face. It is playing in churches nationwide.

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