Fox News Channel wishes you and your family a happy and healthy Fourth of July. Here's what you'll see on Fox News on July 4. 

(All times Eastern)

4:00am - Fox and Friends First brings you the latest on Hurricane Arthur.

6:00am - Join Clayton, Anna and Jesse on Fox and Friends, which includes an up-close look at the Americana Festival in Centerville, Ohio and a live performance on the All American Summer Concert Series.

9:00am - America's Newsroom, hosted by Leland Vittert and Cheryl Casone.

11:00am - Happening Now, with Jon Scott and Arthel Neville.

12:00pm - What makes America special? Brian Kilmeade hosts "Proud to Be An American," asking Fox hosts, celebs and politicians about their American pride.

Watch some of their responses and share your American pride on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #ProudAmerican.

1:00pm - Happening Now, with Leland Vittert and Arthel Neville.

3:00pm - Shepard Smith Reporting, hosted by Jon Scott.

4:00pm - Your World, with Jenna Lee.

5:00pm - A special Fourth of July edition of The Five. Greg Gutfeld weighs in on patriotism in America after a new poll finds only 40% of liberals say they're proud to be American.

6:00pm - Special Report, hosted by Shannon Bream.

7:00pm - On the Record special: Greta takes an in-depth look at the case surrounding a U.S. Marine jailed in Mexico.

8:00/11:00pm - Don't miss a Watters' World special on The Factor.

9:00pm/12:00am - In a Kelly File special, Megyn sits down with Dinesh D'Souza to go over his new film, "America." Has the country been fundamentally transformed, as President Obama promised in 2008?

10:00pm/1:00am - Sean Hannity hosts a "Duck Dynasty" special.