A Colorado woman named Amelia Rose Earhart has set off to recreate and symbolically complete her namesake’s around-the-world flight.

Earhart joined Harris Faulker today by phone from Tanzania on the 77th anniversary of the famous pilot’s disappearance.

Faulkner asked Earhart if she feels her parents predetermined her destiny by naming her after the pilot, who went missing in 1937.

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“I think so,” she said, though she added that she was teased a lot as a child.

“When I turned 18, I started to understand how amazing it was to be named after somebody so influential, so I decided, you know, let’s just embrace it. Took my first flight lesson at the age of 21 and fell in love with it.”

Tomorrow, Earhart will head to the Maldives, then into Singapore. From there, she will go to Darwin, Australia, Papua, New Guinea, and then over the South Pacific where the original Amelia Earhart disappeared.

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Watch her interview above.