When Army veteran Glen Phillips learned his Kentucky town was cancelling its Fourth of July parade due to “lack of interest,” he sprang into action.

Phillips wrote on his Facebook page, “If there was only 1 American left in America, that 1 person on the 4th of July should carry our flag and celebrate it because freedom is not free.”

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His community rallied behind him and now, the celebration is back on in Liberty, Kentucky.

Peter Johnson, Jr. spoke to Phillips this morning on Fox and Friends.

Phillips said he didn’t believe that the people of Liberty had a lack of interest in celebrating Independence Day.

After a few meetings at the city council, a group of people joined his plea to honor America and the military. Thanks to their support, members of the community are organizing their own parade. 

“People will remember and know that every now and then freedom needs a little push […] but one person can make a difference,” Phillips said.

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