America is growing angrier at the federal government over the immigration crisis.

A protest in Murrieta, Calif., took place yesterday when officials tried to bus illegal immigrants into the area.

A new Quinnipiac poll also reveals the president’s growing unpopularity. Among 1,500 registered voters polled, 33 percent said Obama was the worst president since 1945. Additionally, 45 percent of voters said the United States would be better off if Mitt Romney had been elected president in 2012.

O’Reilly: Immigration Crisis Could Damage Entire Infrastructure of America

Bill O’Reilly said tonight that Americans believe our foreign policy is in tatters, terrorism is growing, and the economy is bad. There has not been one issue that Obama has shown leadership on.

“Hatred is growing, and that is wrong,” O’Reilly said, adding that if you lived in Central America, you’d do anything to get here.

“But the federal government has an obligation to enforce the law and protect the borders of the country, and for decades they have not fulfilled that obligation. The result: a growing animosity among the folks.”

Megyn Kelly: Is Barack Obama's Presidency Imploding?

O’Reilly called the protest in Murrieta “an awful display,” but noted “the incompetence of the federal government is driving that.”

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