Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “The Kelly File” tonight to respond to Bill Ayers’ use of the Vietnam War to justify his acts of domestic terrorism.

Ayers defended the Weather Underground’s actions, saying that the group acted as it did because the U.S. was killing 6,000 people per week in Vietnam.

Peters slammed that excuse, calling it “a figure the hard left just pulled out of thin air.”

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He also explained that Americans will continue to get this version of history because conservatives have left the educational system to liberals. Peters said schools aren’t teaching history, and civics class has been perverted to be anti-American.

“The product is a generation of young people who know the Bill Ayers side but not the facts,” he said.

Peters continued, “And by the way, it’s about time people just stop insulting Vietnam veterans. They were not monsters and butchers and baby killers. They were young men serving their country when the likes of Bill Ayers wouldn’t [...] Since 1775, Lexington and Concord, for 239 years, good men and brave men have given their lives so that Bill Ayers had a right to be a horse’s ass. And he is.”

Peters also said that Ayers has had an “undeniable influence” on President Barack Obama.