An Olympic athlete isn’t letting anything slow her down – not even pregnancy. Alysia Montano ran an 800-meter race while eight months pregnant. She finished the race in two and half minutes. That’s just 35 seconds slower than her pre-pregnancy best.

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Jenna Lee, who is also pregnant, was inspired by Montano’s story. She decided to walk an 800-meter race, which took her around eight minutes to complete.

While guest hosting ‘The Real Story’ today, Jenna spoke to Montano about her feat.

“The best thing for mom and baby is to continue activity of what you were doing before you were pregnant as long as your pregnancy is healthy and uncomplicated,” Montano said.

She told Jenna said the race was “exhilarating” and joked that her baby crossed the finish line before her. “I got beat by my child for the first time, so we’ll see what sort of competitive spirit we have.”

Montano said her husband and family were supportive of her decision to run.

She hopes to teach her child that the sky is not the limit and added, “I really wanted for people to see this is what it looks like for a woman in 2014 still going forward and doing her profession and doing what she loves while carrying her child.”

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