A Pew Research survey found that young Americans care more about the World Cup than the VA scandal, IRS targeting case, Iraq crisis, upcoming midterms and the recent Supreme Court rulings.

Read more from Pew Research Center:

Young people typically express lower levels of interest in news stories than older Americans, and the age differences are striking when it comes to Washington news and violence in Iraq. Just 13% of those younger than 30, and 19% of those 30-49, say they tracked news about Iraq very closely. That compares with 36% of those 65 and older and 34% of those 50 to 64.

However, the World Cup is a different story. About a quarter (24%) of those under 30 say they are closely following the World Cup– making it by far the story they express the most interest in. Young people are more likely than older age groups to be closely following the World Cup.

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Greg Gutfeld said tonight on “The Five” that sports are more appealing than political issues.

“Politics is a game that bad people play when good people aren’t looking. As you get on with your life, they get on with yours, too, creating new taxes, expanding their power, exacting new methods of coercion,” he said.

“Explain the IRS scandal to anyone under 25, and their first question will be, ‘Do you have an iPhone charger?’” Gutfeld quipped. He said that President Barack Obama knows this, which is why he hops from scandal to scandal.

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Gutfeld said that we need articulate leaders to explain why people should care about politics.

Hear more of his monologue and “The Five” hosts’ reactions above.