This Fourth of July, join Fox News Channel in celebrating what makes America so special. This past Memorial Day, Fox News Channel and the Fox News affiliates sent crews across the country to small town parades and big city events honoring America’s servicemen and women and people were asked: “What makes America great?”

The question was asked to many members of the Fox News and Fox Business families (featured below), as well as to celebrities on red carpets and politicians on Capitol Hill.

The result is a splendid tribute to the history and values of our United States of America on its 238th birthday.

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Now, take a look at some of the answers we received from your favorite Fox News personalities:

Bill O'Reilly

The Five

Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer

Jenna Lee and Jon Scott

Harris Faulkner

Dr. Manny Alvarez

Fox News military analyst Gen. Bob Scales (Ret.)

Alan Colmes

Some also shared details on their family's heritage...

Geraldo Rivera

"My dad Cruz Rivera arrived literally on a banana boat from San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1940. One of 17 children, he was seeking economic opportunity.

One of eight kids, my mom Lily Friedman was born in Newark, New Jersey. Her parents Sam and Tillie Friedman arrived from Russia in 1905 fleeing anti-Semitic pogroms.

The young couple met behind the counter of Child's Cafeteria. He washed pots, she was a waitress. They married and settled and began their family of five children in NYC's Lower East Side."

Maria Bartiromo

"My family is from Italy. My father's father, Carmine Bartiromo of Salerno, came to America first in 1919, and then went back and forth a few more times before settling in Brooklyn in the 1930s. He built a restaurant and named it The Rex Manor after the ship, the “Rex," that he originally came to the United States on. My first job was as a coat check girl at The Rex Manor, and I attribute my success to my grandfather's hard work ethic.

My mother's parents, Pelligrino and Rosalia Morreale, were from Sicily.  They met and married in Agrigento, Sicily and then later came to America, having four children, including my mom.  My grandfather, Pelligrino, was a veterinarian and my grandmother, Rosalia, worked at a factory."

Bill Hemmer

"My family is primarily German, with a touch of English on Mom’s side. The Hemmers came from central Germany around 1870.

They had on their destination as Cincinnati - and if they went there - didn't stay long. They settled in the Holland, Huntingburg area where many of the town folk had already moved to. There are two definitions as the origin of the Hemmer name. One being “the hammer in Thors hand” and the other is “dwelt near the border.”

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