A 73-year-old Vietnam veteran’s act of kindness violated company policy and got him fired from his job at Cracker Barrel in Florida.

Joe Koblenzer said a needy man approached the host station and asked for some mayonnaise and tartar sauce because he said he was going to make fish. Koblenzer obliged him the request and gave him a corn muffin, too.

Koblenzer told Tucker Carlson this morning on “Fox and Friends” that the rules state you cannot give away food, but he did it anyway.

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“He was happy, I felt good about it,” Koblenzer said of the man. The veteran was subsequently fired.

Koblenzer admitted he had two other infractions. He said he once had a sip of Coke, which is against the rules. Another time, a woman requested a cup of coffee to-go after her table had already been cleared, and Koblenzer didn’t charge her for it.

In a statement, Cracker Barrel said, “Mr. Koblenzer received multiple counselings and written warnings reminding him about the company’s policies and the consequences associated with violating them. On the fifth occasion, again per company policy, Mr. Koblenzer was terminated. Cracker Barrel is grateful and honors Mr. Koblenzer’s service to our country as we honor all service men and women and their families.”

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Koblenzer doesn’t regret his actions, saying that it was worth it and he would do it again.

“They have their rules, and I broke their rules. I think a moral issue comes in and I said that […] when the manager let me go. I said, ‘Don’t you think there’s a moral issue here?’”

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