Diane Sawyer is stepping down as ABC’s evening anchor and will focus instead on major newsmaker interviews.

Read background from FoxNews.com:

Diane Sawyer is stepping down as ABC's evening news anchor, to be replaced by David Muir, the network announced Wednesday. ABC added that George Stephanopoulos will take on a new role as chief anchor for live news events.

ABC said Sawyer, 68, will concentrate on interviews and specials. During her tenure, ABC's "World News" was a steady second to Brian Williams at NBC, although the ABC broadcast has made gains among younger viewers.

"For many years to come Diane will be a driving force at ABC News with her exceptional storytelling genius," ABC News President James Goldston said in a statement. "She will create innovative television specials and events, and, of course, continue to conduct the biggest interviews with the most important and extraordinary people in the world."

Muir is familiar to "World News" viewers as a substitute for Sawyer and has traveled around the country for his "Made in America" series. He will officially begin his new role on Sept. 2.

On “Media Buzz,” Howard Kurtz asked former ABC News correspondent Lynn Sherr if it’s a problem that we are going from two prominent female anchors – Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric – to three white men.

She said it isn’t. Sherr said women have become trusted, respected and serious reporters.

“We’ve really gone from being seen as belonging in the kitchen and the bedroom to being in the boardrooms and the anchor booths," she said.

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik also weighed in on the decision to replace Sawyer with both Stephanopoulos and Muir.

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