President Obama is suggesting that our nation’s workplace should be more like France, with more flexible schedules and extra paid family leave time.

The U.S. has an unemployment rate of 6.3 percent, compared to France, which has a 10.4 percent unemployment rate. The top income tax rate in the U.S. is 39 percent, whereas in France, it’s 75 percent.

Today on “Cashin’ In,” Eric Bolling asked: Why would Obama want America to be more socialist than capitalist?

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“His philosophy isn’t that of an American, Eric,” Jonathan Hoenig said. “His philosophy is against a free market and a free society.”

“I think a basic economic rule of thumb is that if France is doing it, we should not be doing it,” Michelle Fields said. She argued that the president shouldn’t be giving business advice when the president hasn’t “so much as run a lemonade stand.”

Hear more of the debate on “Cashin’ In” in the video above.

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