Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) joined America's Newsroom this morning to announce a bill to offer a $1 million reward to anyone who can find the missing IRS emails. He says the bill stems from the failure of the Justice Department to take any action.

“You can have a Justice Department that is actually involved in justice and they use pressure, and they will get it done. We don’t have a Justice Department. We have a ‘just us’ – or an injustice — department,” he told Bill Hemmer.

He is also proposing an additional $500,000 be offered for any information about someone who destroyed the emails. Gohmert said the idea came from fellow Texas GOP Rep. Jim Flores.

“Don’t forget the other stick,” he said. “We reduce everybody’s salary in the IRS 20 percent until the emails are produced.”

Gohmert said the reward money will come from funds already appropriated for the IRS. He accused Holder of obfuscating in the IRS scandal, and in Operation Fast and Furious, saying the attorney general should be impeached.

Gohmert said House Republicans are looking for a whistleblower who will speak out and "break this thing wide open."

Watch the interview above, including the last few minutes when Martha photo-bombed Bill...

It all started when the congressman, a notorious Capitol Hill photo-bomber, snuck up behind his Republican colleague James Lankford on America's Newsroom yesterday.