Hillary Clinton conceded in a new interview that her recent comments about her wealth, or lack thereof, were "inartful." She said she should not have spoke about the family being "dead broke" when they left the White House.

But she maintained that the poor choice of words does not take away from her commitment to helping struggling Americans.

On Outnumbered this afternoon, #oneluckyguy Dr. Keith Ablow sparred with Kirsten Powers, about the Clintons after he argued that Hillary's statements indicate she is willing to will "tell you anything" to win votes.

"The Benghazi thing being another example. She says 'what difference does it make' if it was reality or not, if I tell you what I need to tell you to get your vote? Well guess what, it does matter," he said.

After the panel talked about Bill Clinton coming to his wife's defense recently, Ablow opined that the former First Lady would never have been elected or appointed to office if she did not marry Bill Clinton.

"That's unfair," said Powers, arguing Hillary was the "much bigger star" when the couple met.

Powers said like every other presidential candidate, Hillary is "out of touch" and may not realize how "well off" she is compared to the rest of Americans.

Watch the full discussion above.