Wednesday night on The Kelly File, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) called President Obama a “coward” for not making tough decisions on Iraq to defend America.

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt (Ret.) said, “Calling the president of the United States is ridiculous and adds nothing to the discussion and Ralph ought to know better.”

Hunt believes Iraq is already gone and added that the U.S. will be seen as helping Iran by bombing ISIS, the terror group that has taken over cities in Iraq.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) responded, “Since we talked, price of gas has gone up. […] So inaction is not serving us.”

Shaffer said he would use air strikes to attack ISIS and observed that the policy of the president is to “do nothing.”

Bill O’Reilly warned that ISIS could use Iraq as a staging area for other terrorist activities like Usama bin Laden did in Afghanistan.

He said bombing ISIS will hurt them, but Hunt maintained that there will be consequences to doing that.

“We had 11 years of this. We should’ve learned. We lost thousands of guys. Bombing them will not stop this,” Hunt said.