The Republican fight for Mississippi’s Senate seat is far from over. On Tuesday, six-term incumbent Senator Thad Cochran was narrowly declared the victor by Tea Party-backed challenger Chris McDaniel by about 6,000 votes.

McDaniel refused to concede and tonight, he joined Hannity to explain why. He maintains that the election was decided by 35K to 40K Democrats, not Republican voters.  

“It’s not so much a recount. We are looking into this issue into whether people who participated in the June 3rd Democratic primary crossed over into the Republican primary this Tuesday night, and we’ve already found more than 1,000 examples of that in one county alone. So we are talking about widespread irregularities of ineligible voters; they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.”

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McDaniel said people were pushed there by “overt action” on the part of Sen. Cochran’s campaign.

Sean asked whether McDaniel will support Cochran under any circumstances.

He answered, “I’m going to have to pray about it, talk to my family about it. But I never thought they would treat another Republican the way they treated me. [...] I realize that power is daunting, I realize it's intoxicating, but I didn’t think it was worth character assassination of a friend.”

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