A Georgia man has been charged in the death of his 22-month-old son after he left the boy in a hot car for seven hours. Justin Ross Harris told police that he forgot to drop his son off at daycare before going to work.

However, investigators say they have evidence that indicates Harris is lying. Sources tell FOX 5 Atlanta that someone used his work computer to search how long it would take for an animal to die in a car.

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The arrest warrant indicates that Harris left his Home Depot corporate office during lunchtime to put something in his SUV. He then went back to work while the toddler was still in the vehicle.

Harris was charged with felony murder and second-degree child cruelty.

Georgia police have been in contact with the mother. Sgt. Dana Pierce said, “At this time, I’m not at liberty to discuss her involvement. That’s part of the case our detectives are working on.”

Today on Shepard Smith Reporting, Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala pointed out that when a child doesn’t show up for daycare, the parents are usually contacted.

He said, “Before you accuse a father, who the landlord says is a really good father, of killing a child in a really horrible […] way, we just need to answer a lot more of those questions.”

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