An emotional story breaking yesterday in Detroit, where a missing 12-year-old boy was found alive in the basement of his family's apartment complex. The great news was shared with the boy's father by Nancy Grace on live TV, as police reportedly searched the home while Charlie Bothuell IV was being interviewed.

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The boy, Charlie Bothuell V, had been reported missing June 14 and now his father and stepmother could face charges in a case that is raising a lot of questions. The boy was apparently hiding out behind a makeshift barrier, with access to a tunnel that led outside and to other buildings. Police said the boy had food and a place where he had slept.

The father maintains he had no idea where his son was, arguing FBI agents had searched the area with dogs.

On Happening Now this morning, Patti Ann Browne reported on the unusual case, playing a bit of footage from the father, who called it "absurd for anybody to imply that I somehow knew my son was in the basement." He also denies allegations that he physically abused his son, who was being home-schooled.

But police say the boy was excited to see officers when they found him and told investigators that his stepmother was helping him hide and bringing him food.

Watch her report, which includes the Nancy Grace clip, in the video above.

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"There's no way he could have erected this make-shift area of concealment, I'll call it. He certainly was excited to see us. I had a chance to actually talk and embrace Charlie," says Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

In the basement where Charlie was found, a tunnel leads from apartment to apartment and to the outside. The boy likely could have come and gone whenever he needed to.

According to sources, Charlie told investigators it was his stepmother, Monique, who was helping him hide out and giving him food.

"My client, Mr. Bothuell and his wife, had no participation in this. They would have not brought this entire media circus, ... FBI, all of this - for what purpose? For what gain?" says family attorney Mark Magidson.

Charlie V was last seen June 14. His stepmother told police the boy didn't complete his daily exercise routine and she informed his father. Worried how his father would react, Charlie took off and never came back.

There was several searches for the boy, but there may be a reason Charlie did not want to be found. Police are investigating a serious case of child abuse we're told the father considered discipline.

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