It was a heartbreaking story that was finally resolved last week after a teenager was taken from her family and placed in Massachusetts state custody amid a bitter dispute over her medical condition. Now 16, Justina Pelletier has been reunited with her family and will speak out in her first TV interview, this Saturday with Mike Huckabee.

‘This Could Be Your Child’: Father of Justina Pelletier Discusses Ordeal As Teen Returns Home

On Fox and Friends this morning, the Gov. discussed the much anticipated sit-down, saying the case "captured his attention."

"It is an outrageous case. ... And I can't wait for that moment [Saturday] to see this young lady finally freed from Massachusetts," said Huckabee.

Watch the segment above as Huckabee, currently on a trip to Israel, also discussed the recent kidnappings of three teens in the West Bank, including one Israeli-American named Naftali Fraenkel. Hamas is suspected of involvement in the abductions, but has denied responsibility.

The governor called out President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry for failing to get involved in the matter. He said the only statement was an "idiotic" remark from State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who called for both sides to show restraint.

"I'm thinking, one side is a kidnapper. What's the other side? ... The idea that there is somehow an equivalence between the kidnappers and the families was insulting."

Tune in to Huckabee, Saturday at 8p ET for the exclusive interview with Justina and also hear from Naftali Fraenkel's mother. Watch a sneak peek of the interview with Justina below.