House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced Wednesday that he plans on filing suit against the Obama administration over its alleged abuse of executive actions. 

"This is not about impeachment -- it's about him faithfully executing the laws of this country," Boehner said, adding that President Obama "ignores the law" and "changes it willingly."

Boehner alleges that Obama has exceeded his constitutional authority. The White House responded this afternoon, with spokesman Josh Earnest saying Republicans are taking their opposition to Obama to "a higher gear."

Earnest said he believes that most Americans would not support a "taxpayer-funded lawsuit" against the president for "doing his job."

Gretchen Carlson debated the merits of this legal action with talk radio hosts Leslie Marshall and Lars Larson.

"It's about damn time!" said Larson, countering Earnest by saying Americans are frustrated with the president's decision to pass laws with a stroke of a pen, like dictators of third-world nations.

Gretchen pointed out that Obama is actually on par with or behind past presidents in terms of total number of executive orders.

Marshall said it will be very difficult to prove Congress has been injured as an institution, saying the Constitution "clearly cites the authority that the president has" in writing executive orders.

She called it "politics as usual" from Boehner, who she argues is trying to act "big" to remain House Speaker.

Larson said the president is violating the Constitution by going around Congress to make laws, like the DREAM Act.