Lt. Col. Ralph Peters was on “The Kelly File” tonight, where he discussed the growing crisis in Iraq.

The al Qaeda offshoot in Iraq is reportedly moving toward Balad Air Force Base. Congressional sources say the U.S. missed a major opportunity to launch air strikes on ISIS about a month ago when ISIS was still in camps on the Syrian border, away from major cities.

A senior intelligence official confirmed to Fox News that ISIS wants to strike American targets, but offered no firm evidence of plotting. The source said, “We believe that while their focus appears to be on their operations in Iraq and Syria, that they do have at least some aspiration and intent to target or to threaten U.S. interests.”

Peters: 'Iraq Is Finished, Kerry Obsessed With Lines on a Map'

Peters told Megyn Kelly, “Iraq has come apart. Nobody is gonna put Humpty Dumpty together.”

Peters said we must prevent the emergence of the first terrorist state, slamming Obama, who he called a "coward" and said “won’t make tough decisions to defend America.”

“It’s absolutely criminal that this president has done nothing and is still doing nothing,” he said.

Peters: 'Yes, U.S. Sacrifices in Iraq Were All For Naught'

Peters believes that 300 military advisers won’t make a difference but will put our people in harm’s way.

“Mark my words. If ISIS were able to grab one or several of our special operators – and they will try – if they were able to, our guys aren’t gonna get the gentle treatment Bergdahl got from the Taliban.”

Watch the full interview above.