A Georgia man said he was hit by a lightning bolt that blew him right out of his shoes this weekend – and he got part of it on video!

Sean O’Connor said he was out doing yard work on a sunny day when he heard a cracking sound. Suddenly he was on the ground, and his boots were all the way across the driveway with smoke billowing out of them.

Today on “Shepard Smith Reporting,” O’Connor said that he took a video of his smoking shoes for his wife because she didn’t believe that he had been hit by lightning. Originally, hospital staff didn’t believe him either, until they saw the video.

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O’Connor was treated for an irregular heartbeat, and he is not yet sure what this could mean for the future of his health. He told Shepard Smith that doctors say it’s hard to know what could happen, since not many people have survived lightning strikes.

“With your body running off its own electrical system, any time you’ve got a jolt like that that runs through you, you run the chance of basically short circuiting your mind out and rewiring some stuff,” he said.

The odds of being hit by lightning in a given year are one in 1.9 million.

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Watch O’Connor’s interview above.