On Monday, we saw a hilarious video on Fox and Friends, showing two dads singing away their frustrations over having to hear "Let It Go" and other Disney hits over and over again. It was a feeling many moms and dads identified with across the country, as the video has more than 1.2 million views on YouTube so far.

Fed Up With 'Frozen,' Dads Create Hilarious Music Video

Along with their daughters, Todd Wilkerson and Ryan O'Quinn joined fellow fed-up dad Brian Kilmeade to discuss how the insanely popular video came about.

In the end, O'Quinn said the message he wants parents to take from it is "just join in" the fun along with your kids.

"We've had these songs stuck in our head for six months or longer, and so just grab onto it and have fun. I was singing it in the shower, in the car by myself, so we just had some fun with it," he said.

O'Quinn said he had the idea and then called a few other dads about it, eventually collaborating with Wilkerson on it.

His daughter, 6-year-old Lilah, said she knew the song was driving her dad nuts, but it didn't matter.

Watch the interview above.