Maybe this guy wanted to get caught?

A Minnesota burglar was arrested after he logged on to Facebook in his victim's home and then forgot to log off before leaving. As if that wasn't enough, police in St Paul say Nicholas Steven Wig, 26, also left his rain-soaked jeans and sneakers behind.

The homeowner, James Wood, returned to find cash, credit cards, a checkbook and a watch missing from a bedroom, and he then noticed the "Nick Dub" Facebook page opened on his computer. So Wood said he contacted "Nick Dub" on Facebook, eventually leading police to Wig.

Wig is now charged with second-degree burglary, and is being held on $25,000 bail.

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More details available from the Pioneer-Press:

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said the homeowner ultimately was the one who tracked the man down before calling police.

"I've never heard of this occurring before," Backstrom said of the circumstances of the alleged break-in. "It's obviously fairly unique."

When police found Wig, he was wearing the watch that had been taken in the burglary, according to the charges.

Police asked if he had items that didn't belong to him. He said he was going to give everything back, the charges said.

After police read Wig his Miranda rights, he said he came into the house through an unlocked front door.

He said he changed into clothing he found in the home because his own clothes were wet, according to the charges.

"He made himself at home," Backstrom said.

Wig admitted to using the computer and taking the missing items, the charges said.

Wig has prior convictions in Minnesota for second-degree burglary, misdemeanor domestic assault and petty misdemeanor marijuana possession, according to court records.

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