Dick Cheney sat down with Sean Hannity Tuesday night (video above) to sound the alarm about the threat posed by Sunni ISIS militants in Iraq and Syria. The former vice president said now both those countries are "potential trouble spots," adding Obama has "decimated" the U.S. Defense Department, not al Qaeda.

He pointed to a recent RAND Corporation study that said the number of Salafi jihadist organizations has shot up by 58 percent in the last four years. Cheney said the proliferation of terrorists raises the threat of militants getting their hands on a nuclear weapon.

Cheney agreed with Hannity's assessment that if the United States does not do something immediately about the rise of radical Islam that "we face the potential of a human catastrophe on a scale that we've not seen before."

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This morning on Fox and Friends, Cheney elaborated about his terror attack warnings, explaining that he believes the country is risk for a potential attack that would be deadlier than 9/11.

"I think that’s a possibility. I can’t say specifically at this point when something like that might happen, but it would be foolish for us to ignore the extent of which there are people who, terror sponsoring states, who have in fact tried to provide nuclear technology. The North Koreans, for example, built a nuclear reactor in the Syrian desert [that] the Israelis took out in '07," he explained.

Overall, he believes terrorists' ability to gain access to nuclear technology is on the rise.

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Watch the full interview below: