Could it all be a coincidence? Officials say the computers of seven IRS staffers under investigation crashed, and there’s no way to retrieve that data.

According to statistician Rhonda Knehans Drake, assistant professor at New York University, the odds of seven hard drives crashing in one office would be one in 3,139,250. If you add the probability of not being able to retrieve the data from each one, “the odds approach that of you alone being hit by a meteor,” Greg Gutfeld said in this evening’s monologue on “The Five.”

Krauthammer: Arrogance of IRS on Lost Emails Is 'Stunning'

“Coincidences are nothing more than orders masked as chaos,” Gutfeld said, calling the Obama administration “a mess choreographed like a Broadway musical.”

Watch the monologue and hear what the hosts of “The Five” had to say about the IRS scandal above.

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