Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) went “On The Record”  to discuss the classified Senate briefing on Iraq.

“My takeaways were that the ISIS is mounting an attempt to attack us abroad and at home,” he said of the briefing. Graham also said the terrorists will go into Jordan unless someone stops them.

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The South Carolina senator said that President Barack Obama’s hesitation not to strike ISIS months ago was a mistake. He said we should get a new government formed in Iraq and then help them with air strikes.

“You can stop another 9/11,” he said of air strikes. “Do you believe that the people who are shooting folks in the head, killing children in front of their parents, beheading people by the hundreds, if not thousands, would not attack us if they could? […]The stronger they get over there, the weaker we are here, so now is the time to blunt their strength.”

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Graham said we should perform air strikes in Syria, which could really do damage to the terrorists’ leadership.