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A growing number of summer camps are banning kids from talking about their own or their peers’ physical appearances. The idea is to teach young people how to appreciate their friends’ personality and character.

Harris Faulkner was against the ban and said that addressing curiosity at camp can lead to positive conversations about body issues.

“I would much rather have kids bring up issues when there are adults around who can responsibly talk about it, and camp is a place where you can press in.”

Carlson said he’s all for kids not thinking about their physical appearance. However, he pointed out that banning it actually highlights the conversation.

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Video games won’t make you sweat, but one college is adding e-sports to its athletic program. Illinois’ Robert Morris University is making the game “League of Legends” a varsity sport, and even offering a scholarship to students.

Earlier on Fox and Friends, associate athletic director Kurt Melcher defended the move.

“There’s no cardiovascular requirements to it, but there’s definitely mental acuity required.”

Supporters also note that professional gamers can make millions of dollars.

Carlson was “totally opposed” to the idea, while Katie Pavlich thinks it could work but as a type of academic scholarship.

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