A seven-hour nightmare for a Houston mother had a happy ending after a jogger found her 8-month-old baby in the woods. It all started when the mother left her daughter in her car while she ran into a convenience store Monday morning.

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A car thief then hopped in the car and drove away, taking little Genesis Haley with him. The car was recovered a few hours later, at about 3:30am local time Monday.

But it took another four hours for a jogger, named Houng Nguyen, to find the car seat with Genesis in it and call police.

Police said the baby had suffered what appeared to be ant bites when she was found after spending the night in the woods. Genesis was taken to a hospital, where she was examined and released. 

The man who stole the car is still at large. Genesis's mother reportedly told police that she doesn't know the suspect by name, but recognizes him from her neighborhood.

More information available at MyFOXHouston.com.

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