A new poll shows that President Barack Obama’s foreign policy approval rating is at 32 percent as the situation in Iraq worsens.

Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman and veteran Pete Hegseth had a heated debate over the situation in Iraq tonight on “The Kelly File.”

Less than a week ago, Obama tried to deny that he is responsible for pulling troops out of Iraq, instead saying that was what the Iraqi government wanted. But during a 2012 debate with Mitt Romney, Obama said he didn’t want to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq.

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“The president said at that moment what was politically expedient,” Hegseth said.

“Any agreement with the Maliki government would have been impossible to achieve because they weren’t gonna give our troops protection,” Zimmerman argued. He said the government wouldn’t approve any number of troops staying behind.

Hegseth then accused Zimmerman of “revisionist history.”

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“They opposed it because it was so small, it was such a demonstration that we didn’t care, they wanted a substantial force that could underwrite the gains we had made,” Hegseth said.

Megyn Kelly asked Hegseth and Zimmerman why Obama called ISIS “jayvee” back in January.

Zimmerman said ISIS has since grown and could have been stopped if the Iraqi army did its job.

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But Hegseth argued that the president doesn’t care about the outcome in Iraq.

“It was always about getting out,” he said.

Watch the exchange above.