Row, row, row your boat … 6,500 miles to New York?! That’s what one South African couple did, arriving Friday after 152 days at sea.

Riaan Manser and his girlfriend Vasti Geldenhuys kicked off their journey on Dec. 30 in Morocco, going the distance in a 23-foot rowboat.

Manser and Geldenhuys were on “The O’Reilly Factor” to tell Bill about their experience.

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Geldenhuys said there were “about three or four times that [they] really, really were scared for [their] lives,” referencing an experience where the boat capsized and Manser was thrown into the ocean.

The duo said they faced 24-foot waves without life jackets. The longest they went without seeing land was 74 days.

The couple said they did quarrel during the trip, but that the overall experience brought them closer together.

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Watch their interview above.