A veteran in Jacksonville is embroiled in a bitter dispute with his homeowners association over a small American flag in one of his flower pots. Larry Murphree, 73, says he has incurred fine after fine over it, totaling around $8,000.

If he doesn't pay, the Sweetwater community's homeowners association is threatening to put a foreclosure lien on his property.

Murphree says he just wants the whole thing to go away, questioning why the association is going after him over "such a little thing."

Murphree points out that state and federal law is on his side, vowing to keep fighting until he can display his flag freely.

Read more on the dispute at WTEV-TV in Jacksonville.

UPDATE: Murphree joined Elisabeth Hasselbeck Wednesday morning, saying he went through this same dispute a few years ago and wound up settling with the homeowners association. But then the policy was changed, and the $100-per-day fines started up again.

The association is telling him that the United States flag is "an unauthorized object in a flower pot." 

"Well, I feel very strongly about the American flag. There's people that are still fighting wars and strapping on guns to protect me and the people I love. Plus it shows the love and respect I have for my country. It's a small flag but it's a big thank you," he said.

"They made up new rules saying that only certain things can be in the flower pot. ... I've dug in my heels on this," he said, pointing out that he has received 100 percent support from his neighbors and is now getting calls from all over the U.S. from Americans expressing their own support.

Murphree says the property managers refuse to "back off" so he has no choice but to file another lawsuit.

Watch the interview above.

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