In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the IRS scandal, immigration crisis and the latest on Iraq.

“The Factor” host noted that new IRS commissioner John Koskinen is a Democrat and “is clearly not upset that his agency has been not forthcoming about targeting conservative tea party groups.”

He also said the media is basically ignoring the IRS scandal.

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Of the immigration crisis, O’Reilly said, “There is an open border movement in this country that has some influence in liberal circles.” He said the Obama administration has no clue what to do on this crisis and that the problem won’t be solved while the current president is in office.

O’Reilly discussed the Iraq crisis, asking why Obama didn’t see this coming and why he didn’t engage sooner.

“With most Americans apathetic about Iraq and the left generally opposed to any military action, it’s easy for the president not to do anything,” he said.

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O’Reilly said the liberal media doesn’t want to portray the Iraq situation as a terrorist action, so they’re reporting it as a Sunni-Shia deal, knowing Americans won’t care.

“The USA is seen by many evil folks all around the world as all talk, little action," he said. “We’re in for it.”

Watch the full memo above.