On “Special Report,” Charles Krauthammer tonight responded to Hillary Clinton’s claim that she and Bill are unlike “the truly well off.”

“Her problem is not wealth, it’s sincerity,” he said, explaining that there has been a long history of wealthy politicians who America felt cared for the poor, like FDR and John F. Kennedy.

Out of Touch? Hillary Clinton Claims She's Unlike the 'Truly Well Off'

“The best example is Bobby Kennedy, when he campaigned in Appalachia, was seized with a true and sincere concern for the poor. Nobody doubts that he burned for that issue. Does anybody imagine that Hillary burns for anything, for the middle class, for gay rights or anything of that sort? The Clintons have been motivated throughout their lives by the wish to rise and acquire power, that’s who they are,” Krauthammer said.

Watch more in the video above.

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Below, Krauthammer weighed in on the situation in Iraq, saying that Iran has a very clear interest in Iraq, which is to support the Shiite government as a Shiite dictatorship.