Journalist Glenn Greenwald says he’s about to drop the biggest bombshell yet from leaked NSA documents. Today marks one year since NSA leaker Edward Snowden got on a plane to Russia, where he is still living.

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The first leaks revealed the government agency was collecting data and phone records on millions of Americans. The documents also shed light on the PRISM program and the U.S. spying on European government offices.

Snowden was charged with espionage and his passport has been revoked. Greenwald has been accused by some of causing American deaths by reporting on the leaks and thereby exposing national security programs.

Today on Shepard Smith Reporting, Greenwald pushed back, saying there’s no evidence that has been presented to prove that claim.

Smith noted that we don’t usually know when a member of the CIA is killed.

Greenwald said, “I can guarantee you if any of the stories that we published from these Snowden documents caused the death of anyone, the Obama administration would be running to The New York Times anonymously to plant that to discredit the journalism that we’re doing.”

As for the "imminent" information, Greenwald said some of the people named are engaged in politics and government.

“You will definitely recognize some of these names and some of these people,” he said, adding that they are people engaged in political activism that’s controversial.

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