Zach Dasher, the nephew of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, is running for Congress in Louisiana’s Fifth Congressional District. He was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss his platform.

“My platform begins with God,” he said, describing himself as a social conservative.

He said the issues in this country are coming from “a government that believes that they’re God.”

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Sean Hannity asked Dasher about the top three issues he would change, if elected.

He said, “Number one, we need to overturn ObamaCare because that’s the government forcing us to purchase their health care insurance because they think we don’t know any better, Common Core, which we’ve already overturned in Louisiana here this past week, thanks to Bobby Jindal, and in our district, the Fifth District, I believe that the EPA regulations on our farmers are out of control. Every situation is the government coming in and trying to dictate what we’re going to do on a local level and we’ve got to stand up against that, Sean.”

Watch the interview above.

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