PayPal co-founder Max Levchin was on “Sunday Morning Futures,” where he discussed growth in technology, immigration reform and his latest startup, Affirm.

Levchin said he is particularly interested in the tech companies “that are really carving at the very hard problems, so education, medicine, health care in particular, finance.” These issues, he said, are big and tightly regulated.

Levchin, who came from Ukraine as a refugee more than 20 years ago, also discussed the importance of immigration reform. He said that the number of immigrants responsible for computing business alone is 34 percent.

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When immigrants graduate from American colleges, Levchin said officials should “staple a green card to that diploma” so they can work in the country where they got an education.

Levchin also told Maria Bartiromo about Affirm, which offers a new way to lend credit to consumers.

Watch the interview above.

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