Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the new House majority leader, was on “Fox News Sunday” this afternoon, where he said the nation should lay out a strategy and “put everything on the table” in terms of the Iraq crisis.

McCarthy also described himself as a conservative who came through the grassroots. He comes from a family of Democrats.

“I came to this party based upon choice. I believe that the Constitution matters, that it’s not just a few pieces of paper,” he said.

Kevin McCarthy to Replace Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader

McCarthy said his record shows that he has repeatedly voted against raising taxes and bailing out Wall Street.

He also suggested that the biggest problem House Republicans face in moving America forward is Sen. Harry Reid.

“What’s the holdup here?” McCarthy said. “Harry Reid and the Senate.”

O’Reilly: ‘Cantor Lost Because He is Part of the Establishment’

Chris Wallace also asked McCarthy about how he helped Kevin Spacey prepare for his role in “House of Cards.”

Watch the full interview above.