Texas Gov. Rick Perry is using state money to support border operations amid a growing immigration crisis.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is supporting the move, was on “Fox and Friends” this morning to discuss this issue.

Abbott said they are doing what the federal government is supposed to do – stepping up security at the border, where agents are overwhelmed.

Gov. Perry: Immigration Crisis ‘An Absolute Overflowing Mess’

“These border patrol agents are having to change diapers, herd children into these shelters, and as a result we’re having cartel activity across the border importing horrendous crimes to the state of Texas, so the state of Texas is sending our department of public safety down to the border, conducting what we call a surge operation for the remainder of this calendar year to make sure that we can stop the crime at the border and not let it import into the state of Texas.”

Abbott said word on the street is that people are crossing the border and turning themselves in, explaining that they had heard that if they came to America, their children would be able to stay.

“So this has been an operation that occurred because the president basically swung open the doors and created a big invitation for these people to come here,” he said.

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