Harley-Davidson has unveiled its first electric motorcycle, called Project LiveWire. It’s the most radical departure in the 111-year history of the brand, best known for building rolling thunder on two wheels.

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A vision for a possible future production bike, Project LiveWire features more of a sporty touring look than the company’s classic cruisers, FoxNews.com automotive editor Gary Gastelu writes on FoxNews.com.

Gastelu told Bill Hemmer this morning that these bikes will still be really fast, but they will just feel different to the rider.

The development version of the bike can only go 53 miles per charge, but Gastelu believes that number will be increased before sales begin.

Gastelu explained that the electric bike is part of Harley-Davidson's global strategy as the company aggressively pursues overseas markets. They're also looking to appeal to a new generation of motorcycle rider.

Of course, for the longtime Harley lovers, the electric version doesn't have the sound and feel treasured by motorcycle aficionados.

"Doesn't sound like a Harley. ... I've heard it on video. It makes a cool, futuristic whine. Pretty loud for an electric bike, but it's not the chug-a-chug you're used to hearing," he explained.

The company plans to bring the bike out on the road and let Harley riders test it out and tell them what they think. Gastelu said he hopes to test-drive one soon.

Check out the full segment above.

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