The Outnumbered panel delved into a new study that finds more and more young women are becoming mothers before they get married. The Pew Research study showed a majority of American mothers aged 26 to 31 had at least one of their children before being married.

A Johns Hopkins study found that only about a third of all mothers in their late twenties were married for the births of all of their children.

Today's #oneluckyguy, Col. Allen West, believes it's an "unintended consequence" of the Great Society programs implement by President Lyndon Johnson, who decided to grant government benefits to single mothers. He noted that the out-of-wedlock birth rate among African-Americans is now above 70 percent, "decimating" the foundation of the black community.

"This is the good intent of the government, but they never think through some of the second and third-order effects that could come later on," said the former GOP congressman.

Sandra Smith said Hollywood is "making it cool" to be a single mother, using Jessica Simpson and the Kardashians as examples of women who had babies before getting married.

"Unfortunately this stuff is pasted all over the television screens and on every magazine in the supermarket."

Jedediah Bila argued that the issue is much more complex than people make it out to be, arguing that many children receive great support from extended family, like grandparents, despite not growing up in a traditional two-parent home.

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