At a contentious House hearing today, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen refused to apologize to furious Republicans for the agency losing two years worth of Lois Lerner's emails. Lawmakers are outraged after learning a week ago that many of the former IRS official's emails supposedly disappeared in a computer crash.

'Nobody Believes You': Paul Ryan Blasts IRS Head Over Lost Lerner Emails

New claims have surfaced that Lerner's hard drive was destroyed and emails from several other officials also have gone missing.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) commented on the lost emails, saying the IRS must "upgrade their technology so that there's no suspicion about what agenda anyone may have."

Kirsten Powers reacted by saying "there's no upside for Democrats to be defending this at all," arguing the situation doesn't make sense to most people.

"Why were they not backing things up as they are required by the law to do? They're the IRS. It's kind of remarkable that this person sits there and he's not even apologetic. ... It just seems like common sense to me that if you have a hard drive at the IRS, you preserve that," said Powers.

Former Rep. Allen West remarked that the issue could turn into a big negative for Democrats in November if they are seen to be "aligning themselves with the IRS."

Sandra Smith pointed out that people are losing track of the fact that it's not just one hard drive that's missing; it's six.