Greta Van Susteren went off the record about yet another VA mix up. Retired Cpl. Joseph Morris, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was wrongly declared dead by the Department of Veterans Affairs. That information was then passed along to the Social Security Administration.

Morris, who is very much alive, joined On The Record tonight to talk about the ordeal. When Morris didn’t receive his normal check on April 1st, he contacted the VA and was told to set up a direct deposit because the check was lost in the mail.

A week after setting that up, his mother received a condolence letter in the mail about the loss of her son.

“I told her I wasn’t. I’m still here,” Morris recounted. “That’s when things got really strange for me.”

Fast forward to the beginning of May when Morris and his wife were trying to purchase a house and credit reports came back saying he had been declared dead on April 1st.

Asking one of many logical questions, Morris wondered why the VA allowed him to set up a direct deposit on April 14th if they had it on record that he died two weeks prior.

Morris told Greta, “I went down to the VA regional office here in Houston and I talked to a man down there and he […] had me fill out a statement saying that I was alive, and he plugged something into the computer and said, ‘You’re good to go. You’ll be alive again and everything will go back to normal in 10 days.’”

Weeks later and Morris has not received any of his checks and is still waiting to be declared alive. 

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