President Obama announced on Thursday that up to 300 military advisers will be sent to Iraq to help with the rapidly unfolding crisis in the country. Tonight on Hannity, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) criticized the Obama administration for downplaying the ongoing threat of terrorism.

However, Sen. Paul believes there is a “chaotic vacuum in Iraq” that came out of the war.

“I think really the Middle East is less stable since the Iraq war because before […] you had somewhat of a standoff between the Sunnis in Iraq and the Shiites in Iran,” he said.

Hannity disagreed, putting blame on President Obama for pulling U.S. combat forces out of Iraq.

“As soon as the Americans left, literally their intelligence was shut off, and that’s where their battle against the insurgency began,” Hannity argued.

Sen. Paul contradicted that claim, but said he does criticize President Obama for arming the rebels in Syria.

If he were president, Sen. Paul said, “I would in no way, shape or form put American troops into that mess because I do not want American troops fighting alongside Iranian troops.”

As for air strikes, the senator said they are a form of war, therefore Congress should vote on it because that’s what the Constitution calls for.