As thousands of undocumented immigrants, including young children, continue to cross from Mexico to the United States, border state Texas is taking unilateral action. 

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) said this issue has plagued his state for years and now it’s getting worse.

“Now we have an absolute humanitarian catastrophe on our hands as well as a homeland security issue,” Gov. Perry said, calling on the federal government to step in.

On Wednesday, Texas approved $1.3 million dollars per week to go toward additional border security. That includes substantial local law enforcement and National Guard involvement.

The governor told Bill O’Reilly that immigration reform talks will not go anywhere until the border is secure.

Criticizing President Obama, Gov. Perry said, “I don’t have any confidence that the president of the United States is engaging in a way that he should.”

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham also joined tonight’s Factor and called for America to reassert its right to sovereignty.

“That means we have to start deporting people,” she told O’Reilly. “We must use the tool that every other country uses when people violate our laws and come here illegally. It’s not lacking in compassion, it’s just enforcing the laws that these politicians hold their hands up and swear to faithfully execute.”

Watch Perry's interview above and Ingraham's segment below.