Republicans are expressing outrage after a new report that a hard drive containing key emails from former top IRS official Lois Lerner was recycled. The Obama administration had previously said that two years worth of Lerner's emails, sought by Republicans for their investigation of the IRS scandal, were lost due to a computer crash.

Tantaros on Missing Lerner Emails: 'The Worst Admin in the History of America'

If the hard drive is gone, then Republicans may never know for sure whether there was any communication between the White House and Lerner during the period when conservative groups were being targeted. Jay Carney said yesterday that the White House conducted a search and there was "zero" communication of that nature.

Martha MacCallum discussed the situation with attorney Jay Sekulow, chief counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice. She noted that "if you made it up, no one would believe this story."

Sekulow, who's representing 41 conservative organizations, said his group will continue to pursue those emails, even if Lerner's hard drive is now gone.

"We’ll subpoena every single government agency that Lois Lerner talked to, that’s the Federal Elections Commission, the Department of the Treasury, that’s going to be the Department of Justice and others. She may have lost her e-mails, but people received those e-mails. So the people that received them are going to need to turn them over," said Sekulow, arguing that Lerner has committed crimes.

"I think the IRS has destroyed evidence, that's what I think. Jay Carney can be smug and say 'sorry to disappoint everybody, we don't have an email,' but who believes anything that's coming out of the administration on this issue right now?" he asked.

Sekulow then compared the situation to an ordinary American being audited by the IRS and being asked to produce documents.

"Tell them you'd like to have the receipt, but it got lost in your email and your hard drive crashed and it was recycled, and see if they give you your deduction for that expense."

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