There’s a much more exciting sporting event going on right now than the World Cup – the 2014 Special Olympics USA. The Five’s Andrea Tantaros had the honor of taking part in the opening ceremonies in New Jersey.

Today on the show, she shared a moving piece about why these games are dear to her heart.

The Special Olympics were founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver. 46 years later, four million athletes now compete for gold in nearly 170 countries.

Her son Timothy Shriver is now the chairman of the Special Olympics. He told Tantaros that his mother’s vision was that through sports, we could bring people together.

Tantaros’ brother Daniel, who passed away last August, was a Special Olympian.

“Daniel had autism and he never spoke, but boy did he love being an athlete,” Tantaros said. “Daniel was an equestrian who won multiple medals. He made all of us who loved him so very proud. […] People would often describe my brother as special needs, but I always said he was uniquely special. And that’s what all of these athletes are around the globe are – uniquely special champions.”

Watch the video above to see more.